Dragon Gardner

Summer is a nice season. I like summer the best.
I've been in vacation. I don't want to type on my PC.
So nothing has done recently...

However, I found something interesting in the SketchUp's archive, which might be popular recently;


You can also try this optical illusion with your PC and SketchUp.


Depth of field effect test

I set the focus on the queen's eye in the scene. The blurry effect was done by a simple way like taking a light field of a scene.
I think that chess sets are good to see this effect.

Pictorial look of Arnold renderer !?

I made this image using my renderer.
This time I wanted to make it in the look of an sample image in this Arnold gallery here.
It's just a fun rendering.

The model of this tank used is here:

The rendering compitition 2007

I found this page yeasterday. He might be the author of Parthenon renderer, and made a great job on the compitition.
In the last part of the page, there are some test images without any comments. They are rather noisy. So I wonder what he was trying to do for them.
Anyway, I wish I could go abroad to study like him...

Area light test

I added some lines of program to suport the area light souces. One of the result images is above.
By the way, I really want to rewrite my renderer because my source code has been getting like spaghetti.